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Amazon: 217N/$ Itunes: 192.5N/$ Google Play Card: 192.5N/$ Sephora Card: 220.5N/$ Uber Card: 190N/$ Walmart Card: 227.5N/$ One Vanilla: 210N/$ steam wallet gift card: 220.5N/$

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a gift card trading process takes?

Typically all gift cards checking and confirmation takes 10 - 15min before money is been reflected in your account except from some special gift cards in the likes of Brazilian gift cards which take more than 15min.

How do i sell a gift card with more than one card on a single receipt of payment?

You are adivsed to upload just the single receipt plus the multiple cards while uploading for easy processing

I'm having issues withdrawing from my wallet, can't see where to add account details.

Kindly navigate to your profile to add your local bank details.

How long does a bitcoin transaction take?

Bitcoin trading takes almost immediately to finish processing

What do you do to confirm that my gift card is valid or not?

We partner with most gift card companies from around the world for checking and validation before trading your gift cards with gift card users